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Financial Information - Buying Property in Crete

We can arrange for finance, loans and mortgages through the majority of major Greek banks in Crete. Most of these services, as in most European countries, will require you taking out some insurance on your house or property.It is important to note that this can be quite a drawn out process and it can mean a lot of paperwork.

We also suggest you open bank accounts here in Crete (or Greece in general) and can help you to do this. A lot of our customers feel happier organising direct debits from their accounts to pay bills here, as this provides more control over your home abroad. 

We work with Foreign Currency Direct (Colm Gilhooly) for transferring money from the UK at better rates, so contact us for more details.We do also deal with some independant financial advisors in the UK, who arrange mortgages for foreign properties, so do ask us for advise.

House insurance in Crete is in inself another important issue. This should be something you include automatically in your initial budget, as Greek insurance rates are still very competitive, in comparison with other European countries.

We work with most of the banks and insurance companies throughout Greece and also have some good offers for house insurance.

To be even more secure, some of our customers are appointing accountants, here in Greece.

There is a European standard, so it is easy to understand the accounting practice and it helps you keep on top of any tax declarations that need to be made. We have people here in the village who can help so please ask for more details.

Another point to bear in mind is for people buying a house jointly who are not married. If something happens to one of the owners, it is vital that you have made a will not only in your own country, but also here in Greece. This will allow the property to be transferred directly to the surviving owner.

If a will has not been made and something happens to one of the owners, the property will automatically go to their next of kin.

We do offer maintenance of property services too for your property in Crete, but this all depends on the size of the investment and the time needed to maintain the property.

All of this is possible, so do ask us for a maintenance quote before or after buying your property.


There are many good firms out in Greece willing to help, but we have had great success with who are very kind and work very, very fast. Ask for Maria Tagkouli or Rebana Latz and quote

Please contact us for further information on buying property in Crete.